KEEPING ON TOP OF OUR HEALTH- The challenge to keep in shape + staying strong for ourselves + our bubs

WHATS YOUR SECRET? - My story + struggles on staying on top of it all!

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We all remember prior to having our kiddies we promised ourselves we would stay on top of our health....make ourselves a priority somewhere so that we don't fall apart, but the reality of having children is a demand that we never expected to be so great.

I am the mother of two beautiful children who challenge me every day to be a better person and raise them with all the strength I have. So where do we get our strength? Does it all come from within or do we need to work on it? An if we need to work on it where do we find that time?

In the beginning after my first child I waited the 6 weeks before resuming my weekly running which helped initially. As a positive with breastfeeding and in addition to the exercise I found no struggle in keeping fit and my weight down. However as time went on and we were blessed with a second child, the demands on my time started to grow. Between my husband working interstate and overtime, my work demands increasing and the demands of my children rising every day, I found it near impossible to return to my running schedule and lacked the energy to stay on top of healthy eating. So what are we to do? How is it that we are meant to "look after ourselves" though such tough times? The life as a mother of young children in our society is filled with pressures, obligations, demands and the never ending need to give more and more to others and less to ourselves.

Earlier this year enough was enough when I found myself so tired in the mornings it was difficult to raise to the daily challenges, my energy was so low, the weight of carrying my kids had impacted my back leaving me in constant pain, my work days were so demanding I found I was skipping meals and living of adrenalin, tea and just had to improve or my kids, my husband and my life would suffer.

My children are active....I mean ACTIVE! If left in a house all day they turn into the dinosaurs and monsters we read about in their story books. A low energy mum was not what my household need's, they need a fit, strong, healthy, fighting mum....sound familiar??


I found my answer in scheduling a weekly class at the local Hot Yoga studio where I found my fitness, strength and flexibility challenged. Encouraged to start by my cousin and friend we found going together kept us on track and in that class every week.

Through scheduling just one class a week I found my drive slowly coming back, my healthy eating began to return naturally and most importantly I found my whole body began to feel like it had before I had even birthed my first child. Winner, winner, I was an able mum again!

I am happy to report it has been almost 5 months and I still attend my weekly session. Granted I need to pick the kids up from kinda + day care, feed them, bath them, dress them for bed and even try to get them into bed before I go, but once I'm there every Thursday night, I find the strength through knowing how much it helps to work as hard as possible through each class. My back pain has gone, my strength returned and my attitude is more positive through the trying times than it had ever previously been.

So what has helped you? It seams so impossible to keep ourselves on top of it all and not to cave into the unhealthy bodies of an overworked mum. My secret is Hot Yoga, but many shake their heads at the idea of such strenuous exercise, so what gets you through?

We would love to know!!

Keep smiling, you are loved and you love, there is no greater pull to better ourselves every day than the smile of our children!

xx giorgie