about us


Cheeky Britches is an Australian chidren's lifestyle brand that embodies the style and sensibilities of its Director and designer, Giorgia Goddard. Launched by Lucy Scott and Giorgia in early 2011, the collection has become known for its vibrant colour, bold prints and clean lines. 


The company launched in 2011 with a limited list of stores that specialized in hand-made clothing with a unique touch. As our designs draw inspiration from global travel and cultural tradition we were uniquely placed within our market immediately.

In 2013 we opened our arms to our first department store in Singapore's 'Takashimaya' on the beloved shopping strip Orchid RD and a handful of international boutiques. Meanwhile in Australia we reached additional peripherals entering into WA, SA, QLD, NSW and VIC.

2015 will see Cheeky Britches expand into kids wear ages 1-5 as well as introducing a new line of women's wear for comfort everyday wear.

Social responsibility is an integral part of the company.  Our product is hand made in Melbourne  


Over the years the Cheeky team have spent a lot of  time researching and testing various manufacturing avenues.  Having such strong requirements of positive sustainability, ethical, non-exploitative and high quality processes made this journey a long and difficult one. After manufacturing with local and international factories, we found the best way to satisfy our requirements was to simply make our products ourselves. We now have a wonderful team of talented seamstresses who provide the highest quality products with top quality, natural fibre fabrics to hand make all of our gorgeous products.

Every piece is made with love whilst listening to great music and loads of laughter.




We have thought quite hard about what goes on the skin of your children's backs!

An increasing number of babies now suffer from skin conditions due to harsh chemicals and synthetic fabrics that so many fashion labels utilize these days. As a result, these garments are causing discomfort and stress for both parents and babies. For this reason, we have made the educated decision to only manufacture with natural and organic fibre fabrics.

While organic fabrics have been the main revelation of the baby clothing industry over the last decade, it's actually the properties of the bamboo pulp made into cloth that has been a great discovery of the 21st century global fabric industry.

DID YOU KNOW Bamboo fibre is praised as "the natural, green and eco-friendly new-type textile material"? Here's why:

BAMBOO fibers are anti-bacterial, de-oderising and just like to breathe. They keep us cool in Summer and warm in Winter. What's more, the bamboo fibre is a fully biodegradable textile material!

OUR GARMENTS are a great marriage of the two fabrics, with bodies of bamboo fabric trimmed in organic fibres, allowing for best of both worlds with main rubbing of garments being the neckline and cuffs.

We have scoured the globe for the best of the best and I hope you agree when we say our selection has resulted in the strongest, silkiest and luxurious cloths a baby could ever ask for.

Ethical and sustainable practices are our promise to you and we take this very seriously. As one mother creating clothes for another, we ensure our practices are the very best!

Our garments are proven to last longer and endure more hardship than many other baby's & children's brand of clothing around. We hope you try them for yourself and let us know of your personal thoughts as we work hard to keep you and your littlies happy.


The most rewarding work in the world is to create, to learn and grow and of course, to mother.